The Complete a7R III, a7 III Menu Settings Guide

Sony a7R III, a7 III Complete Menu Settings Guide ( a7RIII a7III )

Did you just break free from the world of slapping mirrors?  Did you just make the leap from APS-C to Full Frame?  Well you are in luck.  In this video I walk through every single setting in the a7R III / a7 III as concisely as possible.

As someone who shot almost exclusively Canon up until a couple years ago, I can tell you I have no brand loyalty.  If Sony slips, I’ll jump ship on them too.  But for now let me put it this way:  If you’re still on the fence, don’t let the Sony menu system get you down, the a7 III is hands down the best value in professional level full frame cameras right now.  The a7R III, on the other hand, is the best value in ludicrous pixel counts… so whichever you choose, would would be getting the best of what’s available right now.

My favorite features in the a7 III

  • AF system is crazy fast and accurate in both photo and video modes.
  •  Truly exceptional high-ISO photo and video capture
  • 10 fps with shutter or silently
  • Improved default color
  • Hugh capture cache plus a fast UHS-II SD interface
  • Excellent battery life

And of course, the a7R III takes nearly all of that and pairs it with massive resolution.

Of course, there are plenty of things Sony can improve on, but we’ll get to those in a future post.

Sony a7 III – Amazon
Sony a7R III – Amazon


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