Over 200 E-mount lenses! The new E-mount lens database

I’m pleased to announce the public availability of the E-mount Lens Database; a comprehensive, filterable listing of every “native” E-mount lens (E, FE, NEX, etc..). With over 200 photo and cinema lenses now available, the e-mount is finally starting to blossom. Keeping those options straight is no longer practical with simple lists.

What qualifies as “native”? Well, there are three kinds of lenses in the e-mount world:

  • Lenses which are designed specifically for mirrorless cameras. The lenses are more compact because they are designed to focus much closer to the sensor than a dslr lens does. The vast majority of Sony lenses fall in this category.
  • Lenses which are designed for SLR but the housing is extended for mirrorless. The vast majority of Rokinon lenses fall in this category. Functionally this is no different than adding an adapter to an SLR lens, but extending the lens housing ensures there are no alignment or looseness issues as a function of using adapters. How can you tell? If you look into the back of lens, and the rear glass element is deep inside the housing rather than close to the mount, then the lens was probably designed for SLR and re-housed for e-mount.
  • Lenses which are designed to be shimmed. Cinema lenses are typically adapted/rehoused for every mount, but they differ from the average adapted lens in that the manufacturer designs the adapter and shims to create a “perfect” fit.

While we finish adding the fine details, please take a look at the database and see if it can help you find what you need. Reviews are coming soon. Let me know if there’s anything we’ve missed and especially if you find something new to add.

Thank you!


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